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World Champion Quarterback Joe Theismann interviews
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Dan Cricks, the Thousands fail In the repair business around the country, some make a bare living. Only a few are “really” successful.

By successful, I mean making good money as a business owner, NOT as the owner of a job.

By Successful, I mean being able to take time off to spend time with those most important to you and to be able to do the things you enjoy doing.


Dan and his team will not only show you, but they will actually help you do what it takes to finally have the type of shop you want, making the kind of money you should be.

Dan Cricks’ success with his repair shop was only the beginning. When he made the decision to help other repair shop owners achieve similar successes his success was multiplied!

Dan is a been there and done that kind of guy. Dan has spent over 42 years (18 as an owner) in the auto repair business. He started in the repair business in a 3-bay gas station back in the 70’s and became the owner of his own facility in 1988. His business moved along doing “okay”. After a while, he too struggled to grow his shop. That is until he began to find the missing pieces in 2001. Once he began putting the missing pieces in place, his shop sales and profits exploded.

In 2003, Dan began sharing the strategies and sharing the resources that helped him to achieve phenomenal success in his shop. A shop that was located in what was considered the poorest city in the country at the time. He also had to contend with 15 other competitors within a 1-mile radius of his shop. These were shops of all shapes and sizes, including large national chain stores with huge advertising budgets all the way to small independent shops.

Dan has consulted and coached with shop owners all over North America, It is his up front, honest approach with his clients that is appreciated. Shop owners quickly become comfortable with Dan’s approach and especially the results.

Dan’s has helped shop owners of all different sizes and types. He is a consultant in direct marketing strategies for use in all types of media.

Dan offers a referral system blueprint showing shop owners how to add 10 new referral customers per month to any shop.