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“Why Shop Owners Succeed”
4 CD Collection

This CD collection contains a set of interviews with some of the most successful shop owners from around the country!

(Shops from big cities to rural areas…)

These shop owners share their personal insights with you and what they actually did to move their shops into the upper stratosphere among their competitors.

These are show owners who took their shops from almost nothing or struggling to profit machines.

**Hear how one shop owner took a 4-bay shop that was closed and grew it into an 18 bay cash cow…***

These shops are highly successful and highly profitable. These shop owners aren’t at their shop 40-80 hours a week like most of their competitors. They’re enjoying their family and doing the things they enjoy doing, including taking vacations several times a year.

***Find out How another shop owner went from 2 bays to a 19 bay shop with a 27% net profit margin…***

In these interviews you get a peek behind the curtain of exactly what it is they needed to do to take their shops to the next level! …How they went from “owning a job” to owning a highly successful business that they now enjoy operating.

…How they went from “owning a job” to owning a highly successful business that they now enjoy operating.

***Hear how this husband and wife team went from owning a 3 bay gas station to a 6 bay shop that now allows them to take 3-4 vacations a year all the while their shop continues to grow putting them in position to build a retirement fund…***

***How about this shop owner who went from working for his dad, to 2 eight-bay shops producing profit levels well above the industry norm. The best part is he only spends an average of about 20 hours a week at his shops. Here’s a guy who has 4 kids and the time to coach their teams and go to their tournaments…***

This collection is worth it’s weight in gold and then some but you can have the collection along with a special edition of the money making, information packed, resource filled newsletter exclusively for Repair Shop Owners called ‘Straight Talkin’©. This newsletter is filled with valuable information about all aspects of owning and operating a successful, profitable* repair shop! You can’t get this online; I don’t want it floating around the internet. This is meant only for the repair shops truly interested and serious about growing and improving their business.

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