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Transformation & Action Plan

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Our “New” Fast Start Program will bring to YOUR shop  “High Quality” Car Count, Fast, Guaranteed! With — NO Long-Term Commitment. The Fast Shop program provides a marketing campaign  that delivers “quality” car count and sales — Quick.

Here’s what makes it different — We do it all for you!
  • We Produce and IMPLEMENT a customized a marketing campaign for your shop. We take care of when everything goes outwhat the campaign is and who it goes to.
  • The Fast Shop Transformation does NOT require an ongoing commitment only your initial small one-time investment.
  • I even guarantee (In writing) that you’ll get at least 10 times your investment or I’ll refund your money! NO RISK to YOU.

Here’s Everything You Get  —

  • A 7 point evaluation of YOUR current shop marketing

  • A determination of what strategies will work the quickestand give you the best bang for your buck for growing your carcount and/or profit margin

  • Your own list of strategies to implement, including how and when to implement them.

  • continuing plan to help you have your best year ever.

  • An action plan on what you to do next.

  • (1) 45 minute one on one personal phone evaluation consultation

  • (1) 60 minute one on one phone coaching call to set strategies for your personalized plan

  • (1) 20 minute follow-up coaching call to be scheduled approx. 30 days later to make adjustments, check on progress and answer questions you may have.

  • Limited email access during the first 60 days after sign up, it doesn’t go on forever.

  • Application is required, acceptance is not guaranteed. Application sent once sign form is rec’d and payment processed.*

Here are some of our recent results…

Steve, shop owner in Maryland ran Fast Start Campaign in June 2018, the campaign produced sales of $28,522. His average R.O. from those coming in from the campaign was double his normal average R.O.!

Charlie, a shop owner in California finished up his campaign in mid-June 2018. His campaign produced $17,653 in sales

Edward a Shop owner in Virginia recently ran a Fast Start Campaign that resulted in total sales $15,118

John, shop owner in Florida, using the Fast Start Campaign, in Jan/Feb. 2018, brought in $17,119 in sales!

Kevin, shop owner in Florida, running a Fast Start campaign in January 2018 produced $15,954 in sales with an average R.O. increase of $135 over their normal average R.O.

Gary, shop owner in New Jersey ran a Fast Start Campaign in December 2017, it produced $22,903 in sales.

Tony, a shop owner from Florida, business in October 2017 up 36% versus October 2016

Jim & Megan, shop owners from Pennsylvania had their best year ever in 2017, their 23rd year in business!

Marie, shop owner in Connecticut ran a campaign in November 2018 we put together for her resulted in $35,270 in sales, her investment was $542!! That’s a $64 to $1 ROI

To Get more details and find out if it’s right for you, simply
or Call Lois in my office at 440-842-8938. There is NO obligation for you to go any further!

“A Year From Now You Will With You Had Started Today” It’s a 45-60 day program with NO further commitment and a very small, one-time investment!

We can help make 2018 your best yet, with a plan and help to implement it and with a coach who has a proven track record.