7 PROVEN Strategies to Help You Fight the
Damage Inflation Will Inflict on Your Shop!

Strategies to Keep You from Getting Ambushed by the Inflation Economy

#7 – Identify your top clients (top 20% and more importantly your top 5%) – pay attention to them, treat them special and create products/services for them (such as a Car Care Club Membership Program*).  They are your best and bring in the most new clients. Put together marketing campaigns and products just for them!

#6 – Make sure every lead (customer, and prospects) — who calls the shop is handled and accounted for properly – you work hard and pay to get new business to call your shop.  Have scripts to handle getting their information and to schedule the appointment, then use a follow up system* for those that do not buy, as they may not be ready now but will be at some point in time, and you want them to buy from your business! YOU CAN NOT LET ANY SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS!

#5 – Offer your customers additional products/services that fit what you sell them by creating joint ventures or affiliate relationships with a related business that has that product.  You have a list that already trusts you and buys from you.  Find other products/services you don’t provide and sell them to them. You are adding convenience for them and income for you. An example, you can have a relationship with a windshield repair company to take care of your customer’s damaged windshield while it’s in your shop. They give you a small discount, you bill the customer the regular retail and make a small amount – THE BIGGEST BENEFIT TO YOU AND YOUR SHOP IS YOU JUST MADE THAT REPAIR MORE CONVIENENT FOR YOUR CUSTOMER!! – You are seen as the problem solver for them and as having made their life a little easier.

#4 – Implement premiums and upsells10-15% of your leads/clients will buy the package of goods/services you have so go ahead and create a “Platinum Package.”  Don’t be bashful about it.  I make fun of myself all the time as I am a sucker for the upsell or the bundle.  Have something in your business for guys/gals like me to buy from you. Example: Our statistics showed when we presented every customer with a Good/Better/Best oil change option*, 20% choose the best, 60% choose the Better option versus the least expensive option. Most shops automatically ASSUME every customer wants the least expensive and never ask about anything else.

#3Stay in touch with your clients more often (not just to sell to them!!!) – this is my favorite one.  There is nothing more important than you developing and fostering relationships with your clients so they refer you and buy from you more often. A Great Option is a monthly newsletter*, even if it’s online only!

#2 – The pain of disconnect – this is the hardest one to achieve.  How do you make your product or service so valuable that your clients will second guess ever leaving you?  Pay attention to why you are loyal to a company or why you are not. You’ll find many times it’s little extras or being made to feel special or… Be observant to what goes on around you so you can get ideas to enhance your business. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a membership program!

And #1, Drum Roll Please…

Look for a way to add a membership program that includes continuity*. Membership programs are very popular; many businesses who never had them before now do. When I started a membership program in my shop, peers and others thought I was crazy, it would never work. I ALMOST let them talk me out of it. The program brought in thousands each month and contributed to the buyer of my shop getting bank financing.

BONUSStay positive – don’t ever give up.  There will always be rough times.  You need to have the foresight to know people still buy during tough times.  Something we’ve found, “Sales are down because selling is down.”  Give your clients a reason to buy something. Do NOT stop making offers.

All the programs listed above with an* are available from Results Marketing, along with information on how to implement them and if you prefer, we will help market them for you.

These include:

red checkmark An Insider’s Car Care Club Program customized for your shop with POS material to help you/your staff get them in customer’s hands.

red checkmarkThe legendary Complete No-Brainer Follow-up System has been used by shops all over the country since 2001.

red checkmarkA good/better/best oil change option with POS material to automatically increase your ARO for oil changes.

red checkmarkAn Exclusive Repair Shop Specific Done 4 You and customized for you monthly newsletter – Print and Digital versions.

red checkmark A VIP monthly paid membership program for your customers to pre-pay for maintenance and repairs.

To learn more about any of the programs listed or for a private consultation with Dan contact Info@GreatResultsMarketing.com or call 440-783-1651.

To learn more about how Dan has and is helping shops, for over 21 years, around the country grow their car count and profit margins visit https://autorepaircoach.com/about.