The “Real” Story Behind $0 to $2.1 Million in One Year…

In a brand-new City hours away from his previous location!

If you’ve been following me for any period of time you’ve probably seen the story about how, as a marketing consultant, I helped a Chiropractor start a brand-new practice in a brand-new city after moving to the new city from Chicago.

By the way, the new practice was located in Amish Country. Why is that important? We had no internet, no social media, no online presence. Think about that as a challenge. It meant getting back to some basics and being creative.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you about how a Chiropractor grew his practice. The answer is because much of what made it work also applies to repair shops and my work with shop owners.

After a couple of months, things were coming along well, yet he approached me saying he wanted his growth to go faster. Thus, he brought me on board as a private consultant.

In addition to re-writing most of the marketing he had, we did a number of outside the box things and did them quickly, all while he continued to treat patients in practice daily. He also did it with a novice support staff, mostly consisting of Amish woman who were not used to working in a fast-paced environment.

Here’s the “Real” story of why we were able to go from start-up to $2.1 million in one year. The client did just about everything I recommended he do, even a few things that made him uncomfortable. Even things he wasn’t sure would work, saying,I’m a Chiropractor who likes to market, you’re a marketing professional with a proven track record, I’ll do it.”

He did things he’d never done before; I re-wrote much of what he had personally written. We did things with his marketing he said we couldn’t do because the Amish wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. BUT he said he, “go ahead and try it but they won’t do it.” They did most all of the things I asked that made his advertising stand out from all of the other advertising out there.

Why “We Can’t Do That” Usually Isn’t True

My most successful shop owner clients over the years heeded most all of my recommendations. The more they did the more successful they were/are. This is true of small shops and large alike. I’ve had many small operations grow their businesses 10 times, I’ve had large shops grow their business to totally new heights – because they did what I told them.

You might be thinking that’s a no-brainer, you would be wrong; I’ve had 3 times more clients NOT do most of what I recommended they were paying me for, than actually do. One of the most common things I hear is, “that won’t work in my industry” or “that won’t work in my are.” One shop owner told me it won’t work in his area when I was doing it in my shop less than a mile away from him. When I pointed that out, he stuck to his guns.

Some of the most successful cases have been those who said, “we can’t do that in our industry.” When I asked why the response is usually “because nobody in our industry does that.” Those who went with my advice and did it were successful. In some cases, we blazed some new trails.

A case in point is an attorney who was struggling to get his new private practice off the ground. I wrote a series of ads for him, that pushed the envelope a bit. When they hit, he called me in a frenzy saying, “we have to stop those ads, I’m getting calls from other attorneys who are upset, saying you can’t say that.” Once I pointed out to him, we weren’t saying anything that wasn’t true and the fact that his competitors (many spending 10 times more on their ads than he was) were worried about how his ads made them look, without even mentioning any of them, was a sign what we did is GOOD. Just the fact they took the time to call him and try to “get him in line” was proof enough.

His practice went from struggling to massive growth to the point where he had so much business, he had to bring on a partner to the practice. The best thing about that client was that he did NOT think he knew much about marketing and didn’t try to impose his “knowledge” over mine.

Don’t Let Your Knowledge Get In The Way

I’m not saying it’s not a good idea for me to listen to my clients, in fact I get a lot of great ideas from them. They just need help making their knowledge work with all of the proper knowledge and experience.

An example of a client who let their “knowledge” get in the way, was a restaurant, where there were 3 brothers making the decisions. I was recommended to them by their accountant, who was also a marketing client of mine. They went to their accountant about what to do to grow their business.

Once I came on board, I put together a campaign, using a media they had not used before. The results from the campaign produced a higher average sale, higher profits and sales that were a bit higher on the initial campaign. When I met with them to go over the results, they all agreed the numbers were up and the number of customers coming to the restaurant was down (less work). One of the brothers complained “yeah, we made more money, but I like it better when there are more people in the restaurant”. When I pointed out the campaign brought a better-quality customer, it didn’t matter, he liked more “action” in the restaurant. It turned out this was a client I had to fire; I chose not to work with them any longer.

I had a shop bring me on board to help him with car count because after the first 6 months, his sales were down over $100K. After doing some work and implementing a campaign for him I discovered something that was largely responsible for him losing business, I pointed it out to him and what the fix should be, he refused to make a change. He asked me to continue working with him after the campaign was finished, I declined, he was doomed to fail and I didn’t want my name associated with it.

On the other side of the spectrum, the shops I’ve been able to help grow their shop the most are the ones who do most of what I give them. One example of that is a couple who were introduced to me by their NAPA rep, they had a two bay shop and were struggling to keep it busy. The husband was the only tech and the wife ran the front. Today they own an 8 bay shop with the owners there about 20 hours a week, making more money than they ever had.

In a nutshell the “REAL” secret behind the $0 – $2.1 million in sales, many have asked about is “the client did what I told him too”. I know that’s not a “sexy or flashy secret”. However, it’s the real truth, whether you want to hear it or not.

If you’d like to see if I can help you increase your shop’s profits and car count, give my office a call or an no obligation call.