Shop owners often ask me, “Why does a marketing consultant talk about customer service”?

It’s simple. Great customer service is critical for when the marketing works to get the phone to ring or to get them to show up to your shop.

I once worked with a shop on a campaign, and, when I checked see what kind of results the campaign was producing, the owner said “We’re getting a lot of calls but no appointments”. Alarm bells went off for me and my team.

When we made a mystery shop call to his shop, we learned the reason the calls weren’t converting to appointments was due to the person answering the phone. He was dropping the ball big time, even turning those we needed the service away.

Here’s A TIP from a Customer Service Expert — John Formica, the “Ex-Disney Guy”:

One of John’s MAGICAL TIPS“It only takes about 90 days to go blind to the details your customers see during their experience with/in your business.”

Many shop owners stop seeing the obvious and become lazy, mostly because they get so caught up in the day to day of dealing with all of the other aspects of running their shop.

John’s advice, step back today and look at your business from the eyes of your customers. Take nothing for granted. You may be surprised by what you see.

Pay attention to their whole experience when your customer or prospect engages with your shop; from the time they first call with a question or to schedule an appointment, to what happens when they are paying their bill, and even after they pay their bill.

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