A little about Dan Cricks “The Been There Done That Repair Shop Marketing Guru”©

Dan Cricks, the Dan Cricks has been providing proven marketing and operational strategies to shop owners from all over the country since 2002. Real world “proven” strategies that get results, especially in a tough economy.

Dan has been in the auto repair business for over 42 years, as an owner for over 18 yearsAfter Dan began to ‘figure it out’ in his own shop, sales increased 21% in 2001, the next year they increased an additional 20% and the 3rd year another 23% – in what USA Today called the poorest city in the U.S.  In 2002 he was encouraged (asked) to start helping other shop owners.

Thousands of shop owners all over North America have used his PROVEN strategies (never theories) and resources that any shop owner can use even with a small budget, to help bring their business to new heights. In addition to growing their car count and their profit margins, they have improved their personal lifestyle – in many cases going from owning a job to owning a profitable and successful business.

Recognized internationally as The “Trusted” Authority in Repair Shop Marketing due to his hands-on knowledge and honest, no holds barred style of telling it like it is, Dan is helping shop owners to grow their car counts, improve their profit margins and bring a level of efficiency to their bays like they had never seen before. He understands how important it is to get the best bang for every hard-earned dollar shop owners spend on advertising and marketing and has spoken to repair shop owner groups as small as 10 to as large as 200-plus all over the country. These groups are sometimes sponsored by owner associations or by vendor organizations.

Dan had the opportunity to share just a little of what he was doing with shop owners from around the country. They were thrilled to death with what he was making available to them, including one shop owner who at the time leased a 4 bay shop grossing a little over $600K a year; he has since built a 10 bay shop that last year grossed over $2 million in sales!

“I’ve been to every event that Dan put on, my business has grown over 117% percent since the first one. We finally surpassed 2 Million in sales last year. Thanks Dan” — Keith, Ohio

Eleven years ago Dan held his first live national event bringing shop owners together from around the country to expose them to tested and proven marketing, operational strategies and resources that “worked” to help them grow their car count and their profit margins. One shop owner shared how just what he had gotten from what was provided him at that event  added a little over $577,000.00 in business to his shop and brought in 1101 new customers in (1) year.

Dan has and is currently working with shop owners across North America, helping shop owners transform their shop and even their lives. Some have informed him that, for the first time in many years, they were able to take their family on a vacation, expand their business, and even find more time to do the things they wanted to do rather than spending all of their time in their shops trying to make payroll and pay their bills.

A little over two years ago, we began programs where we actually do the implementation of multi-media marketing for shop owners, resulting in huge growth for the shops we’ve worked with!

Contact us today to explore our various programs to help you to be able to say…

Dan, over $1,003,166.00 (that’s 1 million) in business and 1855 new customers in just the last two years only from what I got from my Quantum Leap Membership with you and what you gave me at the last 2 Success Summits. Dave, Maryland