Economic Experts Agree, Recession is Likely

Don't Be a Victim of the Economy Economic experts agree, recession is likely. Why wait for the recession to start to have an effect on your business before you take action? Don't be a victim of the economy. Being proactive is the best way to keep from falling victim to the recession. One of the best things you can do is get building your referral system to attract your ideal customers. When Business Owners "Feel Rotten", This is What [...]

November 15th, 2022|Tags: , , , |

Your Sales Prevention Department Is Costing You

How Much is Your Sales Prevention Department Costing You? More and more shops are using a gatekeeper to help with shielding the owner from someone that person (the gatekeeper) decides they shouldn’t talk to. This has been more prevalent as shops are busy AND running short-handed on techs. Some even use their “gate-keeper” to screen their mail, making decisions on what he should or shouldn’t see that comes in his mailbox. Once they have made the decision, what [...]

November 2nd, 2022|Tags: , , , |

Are YOU Why They Don’t Come Back?

Are YOU the Reason They Don’t Come Back? Among the top 3 reasons consumers give for leaving a shop they have done business with in the past and were happy with --- Feeling taken for granted!  The month of November is the perfect opportunity for you to let your clients know you DO appreciate them. Another among the top 3 reasons is... They forgot about the company! Thank Your Customers It has been customary for shops to wait until [...]

Keeping Subpar Employees

Attention Shop Owners! Due to the painful shortage of technicians, we’re seeing more shops hang on to techs they normally would never keep on their staff. The thinking is having him/her here is better than none. I understand. But something critically important is to make sure you’re double checking their work and even how they’re interacting with your customers and other team members. Just a couple of mistake cars getting out there can really hurt the reputation you [...]

Price Increases Eating Shop Profits

Shop Owners: Price Increases Eating Profits, But Not If... Attention: Shop Owners! …One simple change can save you thousands in expenses each month. As your costs for products go up, you’re having to pass those increases along to your customers. Even then, you’re still incurring added expense, because your credit card fees are a percentage of the bill, including the sales tax. Did you realize you’re paying credit card fees on the sales tax you’re collecting for the [...]

Tired of Wasting Money & Time on Ads Trying to Find a Tech?

Tired of Wasting Money & Time on Ads Trying to Find a Tech? I hear this regularly from shop owners – “I gave up running ads and have not run any for three or four months.  I never had any luck with Zip recruiter. I used to have the best luck with Indeed but that dried up about a couple years ago.  I was running ads on Craigslist nonstop but never get any responses, so I quit that [...]

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