Presents Making 2021 Your Best Year Ever

How Shops Around the Country Are Growing Car Count and Increasing Sales Even During The Pandemic Lockdown, Riots, A Presidential Election, Fires, Hurricanes, Snowstorms And More

Shop SalesYou’ll Discover Dan’s “Key” Elements AND Action Items That Have Helped Shop Owners Grow Their Car Count AND Increase Their Profit Margins!

During This FREE Teleseminar On Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 2 P.M. EST

Here’s some of what I’ll be sharing with you, LIVE:

  • What successful shops are doing that has helped them continue to grow sales even in the middle of the last lockdown.
  • What your customers want to know before scheduling an appointment for service.
  • What new customers must know before coming to your shop for the first time.
  • What it takes to get better responses to your marketing/advertising and gets them to call to schedule an appointment.
  • How to avoid the trap that most shop owners fall into, that ends up costing them dearly every month.
  • The real truth of why shop owners ride the sales roller coaster of a great month (or two) of sales followed by a slow month AND how to fix it.

Look the sad truth is that most shop owners struggle with consistently marketing their shop, usually relying on outside forces, like a change in weather, that time of year, or…

During the live teleseminar, you’ll discover precisely what you SHOULD be doing that’s easier, more efficient and wildly more profitable.

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Valuable GiftAll Webinar Attendees Will Receive My Special Report Titled:

How to Get “Quality” Techs to Apply to Your Shop Even When They Aren’t Answering Everyone Else’s Ads