Avoidable Marketing Mistake Cost Owner Thousand$

A client asked me to write a marketing piece for a campaign they wanted to send out to a list of prospective new clients.

I wrote it and they loved it, and said it was great. The campaign flopped. I mean REALLY flopped, as in NO responses, NADA, not even 1!!!

Case Study: Why The Marketing Campaign Failed

They contacted me and after going through what they did with the campaign; I was able to find the exact reason why it failed miserably, costing the business owner thousands of dollars. Their marketing person (not me) went through his process and when I asked a certain question, the answer was a mistake they made with the criteria they used when purchasing the list they wanted to mail to.

At the beginning, when they came to me to write the piece for their campaign, I asked about their list. Their response was, “we have a list, a great list, we already bought it, all we want you to do it to write the campaign.”

I did just that; once I delivered it, they enthusiastically said they loved it.

Here’s where the ball was dropped – it was the result of them NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY DIDN’T KNOW. They used several criteria when selecting the list. One criteria was the income of the homeowners, another where the homes were located, and much more. Given their business, they left out a critical criteria to be considered for the list they were purchasing.

You see, their company was a roof reviver company; something they forgot to consider with their list was the age of the homes in their list. The list they purchased had homes that were 5 years old or less. BIG problem! Few, if any, homes less than 5 years old need any type of roof repairs. Thus, the reason none of those who received the sales letter had any interest in what was being sold.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Here’s the bottom line – They didn’t know what they didn’t know!!! This is true a lot of times; too many companies/businesses think they can put just about anyone in charge of their marketing. BTW, the marketing person for the roof reviver company lost their job over the mistake with the list.

I know this firsthand, I teach marketing to all kinds of businesses. Many who come to my marketing meetings are “marketers.” They come to me to learn how to market properly for their companies; others are trying to sell their marketing services and know there is more they need to learn.

I have taught about using the right demographics when it comes to purchasing a list, but they are universal. There are considerations that come in to play that are different from business to business and even with different products.

This incident was part of the reason I developed the Fast Start Car Count program for repair shop owners. With this program we take care of all of it, including the criteria for the list we’re going to send the campaign to. It’s one of the reasons a shop who recently invested in the Fast Start program had sales of over $44,000 in one month. We didn’t leave anything to chance with the campaign.

Because we do it all, we’re willing to guarantee results in writing!

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