COVID Was the Best Thing That Happened to the Repair Industry

Lots of FREE government money in people’s hands, supply chain issues preventing new cars from being built, causing the price of used cars to go through the roof, if you could find one. All this led to consumers having to keep and maintain their vehicles longer and longer.

Things Have Changed Now in the Repair Industry

Well, most of that is over; layoffs are happening, businesses are closing, car manufacturers are back to offering big sales, low financing. And we’re starting to see inflation taking its toll on consumers, causing them to have to make choices they didn’t have to make before.

I’m hearing from more and more shop owners saying… their schedule isn’t as full as it was, the phone isn’t ringing as much, and more are turning down needed work that is found.

That’s why I developed the Fast Start Car Count Program for shop owners!

Recently had several shops invest in the program and they were surprised to learn that we do all of the implementation for the program! Even though our sign-up form says we do, they felt like we are over delivering.

Our Fast Start Car Count Program has been tested and implemented on a full-scale basis for over 5 years. Our Program has and is working for shops all over the country with unprecedented results. Shops who have taken part in our Fast Start Program are seeing results from $12 to $1 and over $20 to $1 Return On Investments.

BTW, Our Fast Start Car Count Program is GUARANTEED IN WRITING. It brings in at least 10 times your investment with me or I’ll refund your money!! What could be fairer than that!

You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Trusted Industry Expertise

Hi, Dan Cricks here, as you may already know, I’m a shop owner, I owned multiple shops for over 18 years, I’ve been helping shop owners grow their shop sales and profits for 23 years, I get our business.

I know how busy you are, if you are a shop owner who sees the effects the current economy is having on your car count and you do NOT want to sit back and hope it gets better, this program MAY be for you – Check it out using this QR code.

In this interview with Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Joe Theismann, I talk about how I got started helping shop owners.

A Couple Examples of What We’ve Been Able to do for shops who invested in the Fast Start Program — We developed and implemented a customized campaign for a shop in New Mexico, the second day after the campaign began his phone was ringing with appointments. A week later he said, “You won’t have to worry about your guarantee, we’ll go way past that.”

A shop owner in Florida we ran the campaign for had an average R.O. increase of $137 higher than his normal average R.O.! Plus, he had this to say — “I loved how you guys implemented the campaign, with you taking care of everything.”

We Do Things Differently

With our Fast Start Program we do things “differently” than what other shops have experienced in the past, even those shops that have done a lot of marketing. A shop owner we’re working with right now in Maryland, said “I’ve never had anyone do this before.”

Still NOT Sure? Give us a call 440-783-1651 and we’ll answer your questions.