Don’t Be a Victim of the Economy

Economic experts agree, recession is likely. Why wait for the recession to start to have an effect on your business before you take action? Don’t be a victim of the economy.

Being proactive is the best way to keep from falling victim to the recession. One of the best things you can do is get building your referral system to attract your ideal customers.

When Business Owners “Feel Rotten”, This is What They Do.

recession angst

When business owners see a drop in sales, they turn to a place where they are likely to get more of the type of customers they really want.

I’m talking about referral customers. Unfortunately, most don’t know how to get more referral customers/clients/patients or don’t feel comfortable asking for them.

When the Pandemic first hit and businesses were being shut down, my phone blew up with calls from clients looking for help. Past clients also called, and those who had been thinking about becoming a client for a while but couldn’t pull the trigger.

Those who fared the best were our clients whom we had been delivering their marketing for them, we were able to ramp some things up and they were fine. Those trying to get something going when they had nothing struggled. The best time to take action is BEFORE things go south – NOW.

Why Referrals Are So Effective

Why referrals is such an effective way to go?  84% of Consumers will take action based on recommendations from people they know! In other words, when your customers refer their friends, they are very likely to respond!

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