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A Few Examples of Shop Owner Wins…

Shop Owner in Ohio within 45 days. 1 campaign resulted in additional $8,745 in sales, his investment = $387

Shop Owner from New Mexico spoke to Shop owner group June 4th = August campaigns business up 34% = + $13,011 — $5999.11 in brake work alone!

Shop Owner in New Jersey on Fast Start NOW — email he sent on Saturday 12/16/17: Hi Dan , Happy New Year. New #s : total 36 returned spent $22,903.58 @ $636.21 ARO. We have a few more scheduled this week that we couldn’t get to. I will let you know when they’re done. Thanks Gary

Shop Owner in Ohio = referred by Parts store owner began Fast Shop Transformation program. Started in January, in February did a campaign resulted sales +$11,083. Repeated that same campaign in August sales up $14k

Shop Owner in Florida. Business up 36% October 2017 versus 2016.

Shop Owner in CT, ran a campaign for November of this year resulted in $35,270 in sales —  investment $542