Repair Shop of the Future
Webinar Replay

 Take your shop from good to excellent easily by making this one good decision for your business! Listen to Dan and Travis talk about the Repair Shop of the Future on this webinar recording.


Dan will be showing you how these shop owners
were able to achieve these kinds of results in their shops…

Shop Owner in Ohio within 45 days. 1 campaign resulted in additional $8,745 in sales, his investment = $387

Shop Owner from New Mexico spoke to Shop owner group June 4th = August campaigns business up 34% = + $13,011 — $5999.11 in brake work alone!

Shop Owner in New Jersey on Fast Start NOW — email he sent on Saturday 1/2/18: Hi Dan , Happy New Year. New #s : total 36 returned spent $22,903.58 @ $636.21 ARO. We have a few more scheduled this week that we couldn’t get to. I will let you know when they’re done. Thanks Gary

Shop Owner in Ohio = referred by Parts store owner began Fast Shop Transformation program. Started in January, in February did a campaign resulted sales +$11,083. Repeated that same campaign in August sales up $14k

Shop Owner in Florida. Business up 36% October 2017 versus 2016.

Shop Owner in CT, ran a campaign for November of this year resulted in $35,270 in sales —  investment $542


The Speed of Change Can Be Tough to Keep Up With…

Our prospects and customers are being hit with so much marketing all the time!

Social Media, TV, Radio, Direct Mail and Phone Calls are just a few of the ways they are being bombarded. AND they are being exposed to constant advertisements on multiple devices…laptops, cell phones, TV’s, tablets. It’s more competitive than ever before! It takes a lot

WE Can No Longer Approach Shop Owners Like We Once Did – Carl Ichan!

Getting to far behind will be at best a Slooow and painful death for your business. You need to market your business. BUT who has time for that, right? 

When it comes to Marketing, shop owners are frustrated —There is SO Much to keep up with!

Shop owners are tired of being frustrated, working too many hours and NOT making the kind of money you should.


We understand that you need…

YOU Need / want Sale$ to happen quickly

You want RESULTS — You want someone to NOT ONLY tell you how but to help you or even DO IT FOR YOU. 

The choices out there aren’t that great. There are SO MANY different services and all of them cost time and money. You want ONE PLACE TO GO WHO DOES IT ALL! 

GREAT NEWS! We have a solution for you that covers all the bases! A One-stop shop that handles all of your multi-media marketing. Join me on the webinar to learn more about it! 

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