“High Quality” Car Count, Fast, Guaranteed!
With — NO Long-Term Commitment

With This “New” Personal Fast Shop Transformation Program
We Have Produced Great Results Even During the Current Pandemic


These Are Examples Of A Few Of The Shop Who Participated In Our Fast Start Program During The Current Pandemic!!

This shop had us market his personal campaign during the month of March 2020. The campaign brought in $24,368.04 in sales, his average R.O. was up 62% over his usual ARO! March 2020 was up versus March 2019 – Doug D.

We implemented a marketing campaign for a shop owner, from March 15 to April 15, 2020. The campaign produced $19,469, bringing in 19 new customers. Just for the campaign his average R.O. was up 80% versus their usual ARO!

Another shop owner, Mike D., whose campaign ran from March 15 to April 15, 2020, delivered $30,362.70 in sales. His average R.O., just from the business the campaign brought in was up 246% versus his usual ARO!!!



Read On To Discover How We Quickly IMPLEMENT A Customized Marketing Campaign, Proven And Time-Tested To Deliver High-Quality Car Count To Your Shop… FAST Unlike Anything You’re Used To!

“This campaign brought in the type of car count we wanted, our average R.O. was $650.25. I’m very happy with this program!”
— Gary, New Jersey

From one shop owner to another…

The current Pandemic is NOT your fault BUT you’re paying a price, with low car count and…

The “New” Fast Start Car Count Program, Designed For Busy Shop Owners, By A Shop Owner.  

Here’s what makes the program so popular with shop owners

 The Fast Start Program Delivers A Surge Of “Quality” Car Count Clients Calling Your Shop – Quickly –GUARANTEED & It Does NOT Require A Long-Term Commitment!!!

 Here’s how the program works; we develop a customized 30-day campaign for your shop to create a surge of “quality” car count clients (anyone can deliver bottom-feeder car count). We’ll then do all the work of implementing a multi-media campaign to make the surge happen!  All That with no strings attached!

It gets even better…

 We guarantee, (in writing), the campaign will bring in at least 10 times your investment (you’ll be surprised at how small the investment is) with us or we’ll refund your money!!

 What could be fairer than that?

 I don’t want to go on and on about the program, It really is about you and your shop. If you have an interest in learning how it could work for YOU, I’m happy to go over this program with you one on one, with no obligation to move forward. You can stop reading now and give us a call at 440-842-8938.

You’re probably wondering, WHAT’S THE CATCH?

Really, it’s simple. I owned multiple shops for years, I know what you deal with daily and I know what a struggle marketing your shop can be. I also know you see a lot of different companies coming at you trying to get you to sign up for their program(s) and to give them a lot of your money.

This program was designed to show you what we can do in short period of time to help you grow your car count. My goal is, that at the end of the 30-day campaign, I’ll ask, “Can we continue to market your shop for you, because we’ve proved we deliver?” and you’ll want us to continue to help you grow your car count, your sales and your profit margins.

This is unlike any other marketing program you’ve ever invested in – because it isn’t filling your head with a bunch of pipe dreams and then sending you on your way to muddle along on your own. No way. We do the implementation of the whole campaign for you! This program is designed start-to-finish to deliver to your shop EXACTLY what you need; more “quality” car count, when you need it – NOW! AND, we guarantee the campaign will bring in 10 times your investment with us or we’ll refund your money!

I know… that’s a mighty big promise. It’s a promise I have qualms about because we’ve done it over and over again.  We have the perfect team in place to make it happen for you and we draw on years of experience and extensive and ever-expanding marketing knowledge to bring time-tested, proven campaigns to produce rapid-fire car count increases.

A little about me and why I know I can deliver car count to your shop… FAST.

 I’ve been working with shop owners close to 20 years and have helped thousands of shop owners from around the country to not only grow their car count but improve shop profitability and even improve their lives. One shop owner even sent me a “thank you” note, mentioning how he was finally able to “afford” to go on vacation with his family. I have helped several owners profitably sell their shop, so they could retire or move on to other ventures. I soon became known as the “tell it like it is” kind of guy and was given, by other shop owners, the moniker of ‘The Been There Done That Repair Shop Marketing Guy’ because I grew up in the business and know exactly what the daily life of a shop owner is like.


Well, if you tally up everything, our investments in time, research, campaign development and customization, etc. you’ll easily come up with a value of over $1500. But because I believe so strongly in the need for this kind of “we implement it for you” program and because I know what a game-changer it was for my shop, we’ve slashed the investment to a one-time fee of $697.

If you’d like to talk in person about the program call my office at 440-842-8938 to set up a time for us to talk.

 Hurry– due to the intense, “hands on” nature of this program… where we will be producing a “take-to-the-bank” car count marketing campaign for your shop…We will be working with shops on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t delay – time stops for no on. Those first to respond will be the first to have thousands added to their bank account.


This just in — “After just 2 days, we had 18 calls and 12 appointments.” — Jim, Delaware

Read what other shop owners had to say about their experience with the Fast Start Program:

“After the first week, we already had 16 calls & all showed up, sold $3809 with $1400 still scheduled and approx. $2000 of non-related work not related to the offer, and in one week approx., $7209 in sales with more to come! We’re on track to do 50% over the same month in the previous year. Thank you for helping us reverse the downward trend we were experiencing!”  -Dale, Wisconsin

“We finished up this campaign in June and it produced $17,653 in sales. It was a great boost to our month. It also created a ton of goodwill for us.” — Charlie, California

“We ran the fast start campaign and it produced sales of $28,522.59. Dan this program is a no-brainer, highly successful, I’m going to tell other shop owners in our association about it. Nobody has ever had me do anything like this before!” –– Steve, Maryland

“This campaign brought in the type of car count we wanted, our average R.O. was $650.25, I’m very happy with this program!  — Gary, New Jersey

“The campaign not only brought in $15,954.00 in sales after expenses, our average R.O. was up about 50% of normal.  Our average R.O. was $135 higher than usual. — Ed, Virginia

“I loved how you guys implemented the campaign, with you taking care of everything.” — Anthony, Fla.    


We will help you start the year strong with a campaign to boost car count and we’ll implement it for you.

Get this complete, implemented, guaranteed campaign for the one-time investment of only $697