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“High Quality” Car Count, Fast, Guaranteed!
With — NO Long-Term Committment

With This “New” Personal Fast Shop Transformation & Action Plan


Read On To Discover How We Quickly IMPLEMENT A Customized Marketing Campaign, Proven And Time-Tested To Deliver High-Quality Car Count To Your Shop… FAST Unlike Anything You’re Used To!

“This campaign brought in the type of car count we wanted, our average R.O. was $650.25. I’m very happy with this program!” 
Quote from a Coaching Member

From the Desk of Dan Cricks 

Dear Shop Owner,

I hope this letter finds you well. I hope that for you, business is good and life’s fat, fun and happy.

If that’s the case, great.

Having said that… even though I am not typically in the habit of going all “Debbie downer” – nevertheless, offering a word or two regarding imminent harsh realities may well be in order.

Sure – global economy-wise, right now on the surface, things look hunky-dory:

  • Corporate earnings are up.
  • Job numbers are at historic levels nearing full employment.
  • GDP here in the US is soaring.

After an extended period of economic malaise, yes, I’ll acknowledge right now it’s as close to “happy days are here again” as you might imagine possible. But dark clouds exist for many if not all small business owners, including shop owners.

And these same clouds affect every industry – including ones you currently do business with, which will only add to the effects of the storm.

These gathering clouds are formed from the same underlying economic trend that enabled Bezos to build his dominant Amazonian empire, affecting every business in every market including the repair industry. The effects will soon increase given the rapid acquisition tactics of many repair shop chains; it almost certainly affects your market now (or will soon enough).


Finally, get real help growing your car count!

COMMODIZATION – Thanks to the Internet

If you are viewed as a commodity – and you can’t clearly distinguish your business from any and all competitors – your prospects have only one way to decide which option to choose: Price. And the “conventional wisdom” that mandates you do indeed compete on price offers a sure-fast downward path to a slow trip to oblivion.

But there’s a different path – a path based on the time-tested proven strategies of “The Fast Start Car Count Program” – where you finally stop the endless pursuit of trying to figure out the right marketing to bring in “Quality” car count to your shop. The Fast Start Program does it all for you including implementing the marketing for you.

The path of the Fast Start Program leads to “quality” car count, usually with higher average R.O.’s resulting in higher profit margins.

The fastest, most effective way to achieve these Quality car count boosts into your shop and to have it all done for you, with a Money Back Guarantee in writing is by investing in: 

The Fast Start Car Count Program

The FAST START CAR COUNT PROGRAM is your opportunity to bring a quality boost to your car count and get direct access to Dan and the team at Results Marketing – hear right from the “horse’s mouth” as it were – and see how our proven, time-tested and “customized” marketing campaign will help your business. We even implement the marketing for you! You don’t have to struggle to figure out what media to use, what you should be marketing and how to get it all done. You continue to do what you do best, run your shop, take care of your customers and lead your staff to deliver the best quality possible.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover with this amazing program:

  • We’ll start with a marketing review of your shop’s recent marketing performance.

  • We’ll evaluate your shop’s current marketing, to help us develop what will work best for your shop.

  • We’ll develop an Action Plan and identify a response-driven campaign to quickly get your phone ringing to boost your Car Count with the type of customers you want to do business with.

  • Once Identified we’ll create and implement a customized multi-media campaign designed to deliver targeted, high-quality customers to your door.

  • We then proceed with a one on one personal talk about a campaign that is the best fit for you and your shop, to drive “quality” car count to your shop.

  • Once we launch your campaign, we’ll follow-up with another call to check progress and make adjustments (if necessary) to continue to drive “targeted” customers to call your shop. And we’ll answer any questions you or your staff may have about…

    When the campaign is finished (BTW, there is NO long-term committment after the campaign, you will have added thousands of dollars in sales to your shop (guaranteed) plus you’ll have added good-will, a new excitement and momentum that can continue after the campaign is completed. 

This just in — “After just 2 days, we had 18 calls and 12 appointments.” — Jim, Delaware

The Fast Shop program provides a marketing campaign  that delivers “quality” car count and sales — Quick.

Here’s what makes it different — We do it all for you! We Produce and IMPLEMENT a customized a marketing campaign for your shop. We take care of when everything goes out, what the campaign is and who it goes to.

WE DO THE IMPLEMENTATION for the whole campaign using multi-media!!!

The Fast Shop Transformation does NOT require an ongoing commitment only your initial small one-time investment.

I even guarantee (In writing) that you’ll get at least 10 times your investment or I’ll refund your money! NO RISK to YOU.

“I loved how you guys implemented the campaign, with you taking care of everything.” — Anthony, Fla. 

Read what other shop owners had to say about their experience with the Fast Start Program:

“After the first week, we already had 16 calls & all showed up, sold $3809 with $1400 still scheduled and approx. $2000 of non-related work not related to the offer, and in one week approx., $7209 in sales with more to come! We’re on track to do 50% over the same month in 2017. Thank you for helping us reverse the downward trend we were experiencing!”  -Dale, Wisconsin

“We finished up this campaign in June 2018 and it produced $17,653 in sales. It was a great boost to our month. It also created a ton of goodwill for us.” — Charlie, California

“We ran the fast start campaign and it produced sales of $28,522.59. Dan this program is a no-brainer, highly successful, I’m going to tell other shop owners in our association about it. Nobody has ever had me do anything like this before!” –– Steve, Maryland

“This campaign brought in the type of car count we wanted, our average R.O. was $650.25, I’m very happy with this program!  — Gary, New Jersey

“The campaign not only brought in $15,954.00 in sales after expenses, our average R.O. was up about 50% of normal.  Our average R.O. was $135 higher than usual. — Ed, Virginia

“I loved how you guys implemented the campaign, with you taking care of everything.” — Anthony, Fla.    


We can help you finish the year strong with a plan and help to implement it and with a coach who has a proven track record.

“A Year From Now You Will Be Glad that you Started Today” It’s a 30day program with NO further commitment and a very small, one-time investment!

You’ll get this complete, implemented campaign for the small investment of just $697