You Do NOT Have to Just Take It!

I’m talking about the Inflation Economy slowdown many are experiencing.

The lingering “Inflation Economy” will affect the repair industry!

You’ve had a really good year, don’t let the economy or “that time of year” wipe out all you’ve built in your bank account because of a couple of slow months.

You DO NOT have to just accept it as “that time of year”!

Our Fast Start Car Count System – is designed to help prevent you from going through that painful slow period.

When you sign up now for the Fast Start Car Count System, we can have a campaign ready to go just when you need it the most*!

Our System will deliver a “quality” boost to your shop WHEN you need it!!

The best part IS… We do all the work AND we give you a written guarantee!

These Are Examples Of A Few Of The Shop Who Participated In Our Fast Start Program During The Current Pandemic!!

This shop had us market his personal campaign during the month of March. The campaign brought in $24,368.04 in sales, his average R.O. was up 62% over his usual ARO! This March was up versus the previous March – Doug D.

We implemented a marketing campaign for a shop owner, for a month from March to April. The campaign produced $19,469, bringing in 19 new customers. Just for the campaign his average R.O. was up 80% versus their usual ARO!

Another shop owner, Mike D., whose campaign ran for a month from March to April, delivered $30,362.70 in sales. His average R.O., just from the business the campaign brought in was up 246% versus his usual ARO!!!



A little about me and why I know I can deliver car count to your shop… FAST.

Dan Cricks, the Dan Cricks here, AKA the “Been There Done That Repair Shop Marketing Guru”. I owned my own shops for over 18 years and have been helping shop owners for 20 years and have helped thousands of shop owners from around the country to not only grow their car count but improve shop profitability and even improve their lives. One shop owner even sent me a “thank you” note, mentioning how he was finally able to “afford” to go on vacation with his family. I have helped several owners profitably sell their shop, so they could retire or move on to other ventures. I soon became known as the “tell it like it is” kind of guy and was given, by other shop owners, the moniker of ‘The Been There Done That Repair Shop Marketing Guy’ because I grew up in the business and know exactly what the daily life of a shop owner is like.

I developed the Fast Start Car Count System based on my years of owning my own shop and what I’ve learned working with shop owners for over 20 years.

AND… the final touch to the program was to GUARANTEE in writing that the campaign will work, or we’ll refund your money!!
Making it a No-Brainer investment in your business.

Check out the following page for more details, to see our GUARANTEE and to get started — OR you can call our off at 440-783-1651 to find out if the program is right for you!

To get your campaign started NOW, sign up here

This just in — “After just 2 days, we had 18 calls and 12 appointments.” — Jim, Delaware

Read what other shop owners had to say about their experience with the Fast Start Program:

“After the first week, we already had 16 calls & all showed up, sold $3809 with $1400 still scheduled and approx. $2000 of non-related work not related to the offer, and in one week approx., $7209 in sales with more to come! We’re on track to do 50% over the same month in the previous year. Thank you for helping us reverse the downward trend we were experiencing!”  -Dale, Wisconsin

“We finished up this campaign in June and it produced $17,653 in sales. It was a great boost to our month. It also created a ton of goodwill for us.” — Charlie, California

“We ran the fast start campaign and it produced sales of $28,522.59. Dan this program is a no-brainer, highly successful, I’m going to tell other shop owners in our association about it. Nobody has ever had me do anything like this before!” –– Steve, Maryland

“This campaign brought in the type of car count we wanted, our average R.O. was $650.25, I’m very happy with this program!  — Gary, New Jersey

“The campaign not only brought in $15,954.00 in sales after expenses, our average R.O. was up about 50% of normal.  Our average R.O. was $135 higher than usual. — Ed, Virginia

“I loved how you guys implemented the campaign, with you taking care of everything.” — Anthony, Fla.    


We will help you start the year strong with a campaign to boost car count and we’ll implement it for you.

Get this complete, implemented, guaranteed campaign for the one-time investment of only $697