If you want to generate more repeat business, then there are a number of things you will need to do. You’ll need to deliver an extraordinary value, exceed your customers’ expectations at every touch point, and stay in touch with your customers after the sale.


Over the years, I have discovered that most service advisors have the right intent and make their best effort to do all of these things. They want to do a good job. They should know that part of their job is to help their customers see the value in their services. This is why they need to work hard at building value in their company and services and start to develop a relationship when speaking with first-time callers. It also matters how they build interest and value in their service recommendations, with the hope that their customers will agree with their recommendations, authorize the services, and then ultimately return.


The top advisors not only understand this, but they always put a strong focus on the benefits of their recommended services, rather than on the parts and labor. For example, when discussing the benefits of a brake service, they’ll tell their customers that they’ll have quieter braking, shorter stopping distance and the peace of mind that their family will have good, safe, and dependable transportation.


Yet, where most advisors fail, is at the point of car delivery. This is where they want to do a good job of reselling the customer on the services that were performed. This will go a long way in reducing buyer’s remorse and improve the chances of a return visit.


Customer retention SHOULD be a top priority. Is your service advisor aware it is? Many assume their job is to take care of the customer on that visit, not realizing much of what they do has a huge affect on whether or not the customer returns, especially the first-time customer.


As the owner, much of your marketing efforts should be directed towards customer retention as a priority also. This is why you follow-up once they’ve been in and continue to stay in touch with them on a regular basis, using that time to continue to build a relationship with your them, to gain their trust, to get them engaged with your shop and to educate them as to why YOUR SHOP is THE best choice for them the next time they need service.


Have you made it clear to your service advisor that customer retention is a priority and part of the job to make that happen is their responsibility?


The reason shops get repeat business is because their customers liked the service they received the first time around and the way they were treated. Critical to the process is the customer has a feeling of trust!!! This is important because people will not come back if they are not happy with the way they are treated or if they don’t feel as though they can trust what the service advisor told them or recommended to them. No Trust, No return! You ARE in the ultimate trust-based business.


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