You’ve often heard the only constant in business is that things keep changing. Due to technology things are changing faster than most are comfortable with.

The most successful shop owners I know make changes rather than fight them. They change before they are backed into a corner. They change sooner rather than later so they are NOT playing catch up!

Not making this newest change quickly WILL cost you customers and money. This change will improve your relationship with your customers and to put your employees in a better position for building trust with your customers and prospects.

It’s finally happening. Customers are pushing back against technology taking away personal interaction with those they are doing business with.

This is especially true of trust-based businesses like ours. Even employees are complaining about how  having to put all of the customer information into a tablet DECREASES “the value” of the time they can spend with the customer.

In many cases, this “watered down” time will result in lost opportunities for add-on sales and to learn more about the vehicle but the customer!

The consumer is often left to feel like an intruding pest versus a welcome guest to your shop! Which would you rather have?

It is especially important for your staff to have  time with first-time customers! This is the beginning of the relationship. This is where your staff SHOULD be asking a lot of questions and demonstrating to the customer that they are listening to them!

You’ll see more examples of this throughout the retail industry (i.e. ordering kiosks via fast food). Go to the dentist or doctor’s office and have a tablet shoved in your face asking you to please fill it out. What the doctors and dentists are finding is the patients dislike it so much that they are zipping through it without “really” filling it out. They are not accurately filling it out, or they are resenting having to fill it out.

By the time they’re done, they don’t have a personal conversation with the doctor or dentist and often forget about telling them about other symptoms they may be having.

I know this process is meant to speed up the process of checking in the customer but at what cost? The fact is the consumer does NOT like it and feels as though they are missing valuable interaction. If you’re currently relying on having your customer put their information on a tablet, re-think how you can make it better. At least, have your service advisor go through it while they are still there and ask questions and interact with them.

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