The “Inflation” Economy is Affecting the Repair Industry

We all know the Pandemic had a positive impact on the repair industry, it’s been a great run. However, we’re now seeing the Inflation Economy have a negative effect on more and more shops; many are not booked like they were and the phone is not ringing like it was.

Much of what’s going on is out of your control. The proper mindset and marketing of your shop IS something you DO have control of!

If you’ve relaxed your marketing because business was so good, but now it isn’t – don’t wait to take action; it only makes it harder or will take longer. A couple things you can do is –

  • ramp up your communications with your customer list; be sure that some of those communications include an offer and a call to action
  • if you’ve only been posting on social media informational of fun posts, make an effort to regularly post some offers with a call to action
  • get help with your SEO to help drive your online visibility

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