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     The concept of the “American Dream” slipping away is a topic of ongoing debate and varies widely depending on personal perspectives and experiences. Some individuals may feel that the American Dream is less attainable now due to various challenges such as economic disparity, systemic issues, and social inequalities. On the other hand, some still perceive the United States as a land of opportunities where hard work and perseverance can lead to success and upward mobility.

     Various factors such as economic shifts, globalization, technological advancements, and policy changes have transformed the employment landscape, cost of living, and accessibility to opportunities in the United States. Consequently, while some individuals continue to achieve their version of the American Dream, others find it increasingly elusive. Ultimately, the perception of the American Dream and whether it is slipping away is influenced by multiple factors,

     To truly grasp its essence, we must first delve into how the founding fathers envisioned the “American Dream” and what it symbolized for those who have sought it.

     The concept of the American Dream has evolved since the founding of the United States, and the founding fathers each had their own visions for the nation which might be inferred as versions of the American Dream.

Thomas Jefferson envisioned a country where people had the inherent rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence. This might be seen as an opportunity for individuals to seek out prosperity and success through their endeavors in a free society.

Benjamin Franklin, often regarded as one of the prime exemplifications of the American Dream, Franklin believed in the potential for social mobility through industry and innovation. His own life—rising from the son of a candle and soap maker to a statesman and renowned inventor—is often cited as an embodiment of the Dream.

James Madison was a chief architect of the Constitution.  Madison played a pivotal role in shaping the political and legal framework that allows for the economic mobility and entrepreneurial spirit often associated with the American Dream.

Alexander Hamilton envisioned a robust economy driven by industry and commerce. He advocated for policies that stimulated economic growth and believed in a system where individuals could elevate their status through commerce and innovation.

     While the term “American Dream” was not coined until 1931 by historian James Truslow Adams, these ideas from the founding fathers laid the groundwork for what would become intrinsic aspects of it: ideas of freedom, equality, opportunity, and a better life achievable through hard work.

     The Dream has been subject to evolution and reinterpretation over the centuries. It’s worth noting that, while the founders laid down principles of equality and opportunity, the realization of these principles has been a continuous struggle and point of contention throughout American history. The discussion about what exactly constitutes the American Dream and how it should be achievable for all continues to this day.

     Despite the ongoing arguments about success and for whom it should be reserved, the pivotal term that should stand out to you is ‘hard work.’ The American dream and industriousness have gone hand in hand for centuries. History is peppered with stories of entrepreneurial triumph deeply rooted in diligence. Even now, when talking with prosperous people, they commonly cite ‘relentless effort’ as the fundamental pillar of their achievements.

     Setting aside factors like socio-economic status, race, geographic location, and educational opportunities, the critical element boils down to an individual’s resilience and commitment to persevere in their work.

     Liberty, Freedom & Business – Fulfilling the American Dream underscores the essence of hard work through the narratives of twelve distinct entrepreneurs. Each of various ages, diverse socio-economic foundations, different childhoods, influences, cultural backgrounds, hardships, and opportunities, they share the triumphs they’ve realized and the challenges they’ve surmounted to attain them.

     Each entrepreneur provides a unique perspective and journey toward success. Compiled in this book, their stories are shared with the aspiration of aiding others in forging a quicker route to their own triumphs, especially possible as a citizen of the United States of America, a land recognized by its founding fathers as a realm of Opportunity. They impart their stories and experience in an effort to make the work easier for those who read this book.

     The principle of success remains consistent. Success leaves footprints, and those who excel are adept at identifying and following the successes identified by others. The defining factor between the champions and the defeated is the ability to tailor and apply the knowledge acquired.

     Absorb the wisdom each author imparts and tailor it to your personal life and circumstances. Then, embark on crafting your own definition of success. A society prospers when the individual thrives. The German philosopher Nietzsche stated, “To live is to struggle.”

While life is challenging, it becomes infinitely

     more pleasurable when the journey is fulfilling.

     My path toward success (much of which I share in the book) began at the age of eight. This is when my thoughts about work and success began to develop. I was raised by a single mother, who only had an eighth-grade education. Because of that I began working a real job, where I earned commission based on my sales going from office to office trying sell my wares. Early on, I had to learn how to get people to buy what I was selling, if they didn’t buy, I didn’t make any money. I also learned what sold and what didn’t, I learned how and what I said influenced how much I sold. That first job I did for a couple of years served me well. I used what I learned when a little later I held a newspaper route. Again, it was a job where it was all on me, if I didn’t do a good job, no pay! I got really good at selling which resulted in me earning an all-expenses trip to the World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada. I never had a time from the age of 11 where I didn’t have a paying job.

Liberty, Freedom & Business – Fulfilling the American Dream is my most recent book. Together with 11 entrepreneurial peers, we share our journeys and paths leading to our successes. The book will be available on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023. You can order direct from me.

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New York Best-Selling Author & International Marketing Guru Dan S. Kennedy, wrote the introduction to this book, which is timely for the small business looking to mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their struggles and successes.


Dan Cricks is the Founder and CEO of Results Marketing, LLC, Marketing Business Coach and Consultant, Mastermind Coach, Author, nationally known speaker and successful entrepreneur and he writes 4 different monthly marketing newsletters distributed internationally, nationally and locally.

A true entrepreneur since 1981. He has owned, grown and sold several different successful businesses. In 2001, he began helping other business owners and entrepreneurs take their businesses to new heights. Because of his extensive hands-on experience, he has been given the moniker “The Been There Done That Marketing Guru” and “The Mastermind Coach”.

Dan currently provides marketing & business advice and private consultation to clients all over the world.  Dan is an author who has had the privilege of participating as a contributing author, with two “Best Selling” New York authors, Dan Kennedy and Sydney Biddle Barrows in Uncensored Sales, Strategies. Dan also co-authored The Ultimate Success Secret with Dan Kennedy. He has been published in the Insider’s Journal, an international business magazine and featured in “Magnetic Marketing for the Emerging Economy”. Dan is a contributing author with bestselling international author Bill Glazer in the book titled Outrageous Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns that are Outrageously Successful.

On stage at different events around the country, including in San Diego at the Outrageous Marketing Live Event. Dan has presented to business groups of all types at various local, national and international business gatherings and trade shows. Dan has and still works closely with automotive repair shop owners in North America, Australia, Ireland and Russia, helping them to grow their sales and to find and hire skilled technicians.

Two of Dan’s marketing clients were recognized as “Australian Marketer of the Year”, AND as the “U.S. Marketer of the Year”. Another a long-time client was named “Outrageous Marketer of the Year” in the U.S.


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