Shop Owners: Price Increases Eating Profits, But Not If…

Attention: Shop Owners!

…One simple change can save you thousands in expenses each month. As your costs for products go up, you’re having to pass those increases along to your customers. Even then, you’re still incurring added expense, because your credit card fees are a percentage of the bill, including the sales tax.

Did you realize you’re paying credit card fees on the sales tax you’re collecting for the government?

I recently had a guest on my latest teleseminar who is a credit card specialist, who specializes in Auto Repair shops. He shared how the latest trend in credit card processing is saving shops tens of thousands of dollars.

Credit Card Processing Charges Are Intentionally Confusing

fees eating your profitsYou don’t have to keep taking the hit from the all-powerful credit card companies! Learn how business owners around the country have been finding relief from these fees, saving thousands of dollars.

Trying to sort out what all you’re paying in credit card fees is purposely made confusing! I recently had a shop owner tell me what a great rate he had for processing only to learn, when it was all said and done, it was about 25% higher than he thought.

After running the numbers for this shop, it was determined that he would have to do an additional $180,000.00 in sales to add the same amount to his bottom line as what the new way of processing credit card fees would add to his NET PROFIT!

The pandemic hit, pushed everyone to paying with credit/debit card, in just about all businesses. While this is happening, they (the credit card companies) raised rates and your expenses keep piling up.

Simple Changes Save  Shop Owners Thousands in Fees

American business owners are very resourceful when it comes to dealing with challenges, including exploding credit card costs.

American business owners have come up with an answer, my guest speaker on my recent teleseminar is a specialist shared with everyone the “new trend” when it comes to cutting your credit card expense.

Here is the link so you can access the recording to hear for yourself.

I already have several of my marketing coaching members who have used this new strategy so they can STOP bleeding money from their bottom line to the credit card companies.

You have nothing to lose by listening, BUT, what you learn will save your shop thousands of dollars every month.