Repair Shop Ninja Strategy Adds 20% to ARO

Often in these pages I share valuable breakthroughs. Many I came upon while running my own shops, most by listening to my customers talk about what frustrates them or what they want.

Not all are splashy and sexy, which, unfortunately is usually what gets the most attention. If you’ve been in the auto repair business for any period of time you know some of the real money and profit makers are NOT the splashy and sexy things you do in your business.

As you know, I’m more about what works (the results) than I am trying to impress with some new trend or something that looks sexy. Seems as though everybody wants the hot “new” thing that stands out, many of which don’t last, when often the “small” things deliver big results.

This “Ninja Strategy” I teach in my service advisor trainings, sharing how it has often increased the ARO by up to 20%, with no additional marketing or expense.

This strategy requires NO additional expense, NO additional equipment or software, NO additional training, NO additional manpower, and only requires a small action, yet it has added up to a 20% increase in ARO.

Because it’s not “new” and “sexy” it is overlooked. Yet, I constantly have shops willing to spend hundreds on marketing they “hope” will work!

BTW, this isn’t some miracle I invented – it was developed from listening to what customers were saying when they dropped off or picked up their cars, and from what our CSR and Service Advisors heard from customers. I don’t know about you but some of my best services came from listening to my customers. Services like free shuttle service and loaner cars, because our customers often talked about how hard it was to give up their car for service or had trouble getting rides back to or from work to pick up their car.

The shops who do use the strategy report being dismayed at how much it increased their average ARO and improved customer satisfaction.

I’m happy to share the strategy, AND it won’t cost you a penny. You don’t have to buy anything to get it. If you’d like my “ninja strategy”, send an email to with the subject line – Ninja Strategy From Dan.

Play fair, be sure to give your info (name and shop name and location) in the body of the email; we only want it to go out to shop owners and NOT to those who like to copy my material and use it as their own.

One more thing… If your car count isn’t what it was and things have slowed a bit, check out our Fast Start Program.