For many, the age of technology has taken over. Many repair shops have abandoned the telephone as a marketing tool to grow their shop. It’s all about technology to contact or stay in touch with their customers.

One of the most powerful marketing tools for repair shop owners that is NOT being used (yet the expense for this tool is there every month) is… the telephone.

For those not using the phone, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. A while back, I had a client who did a mailing and, per my suggestion, added a phone call to those who hadn’t responded. He had someone from his office call and reference the mailings. After that, his response rate to the campaign doubled!

Countless shops rarely make calls because they / their employees don’t like talking to people. Many millennials are not used to talking on the phone, only texting or watching videos.

In my shop, when I made phone calls to my customers, it resulted in sales AND a positive return on investment.

Something else also happens as a result of these calls. I get a lot of positive feedback from clients expressing gratitude that we thought enough of them to personally call THEM!

They don’t realize they’re one of many calls. They think we are calling only them! So they don’t feel they’re being bothered or that we’re being too aggressive (the script is designed that way). They actually took the time to email or call back, or express their gratitude to the caller.

Think about that. They took time out of their busy day to go to their computer, open their email account and type out an email to say thank you, or to get on their phone and call the shop back!

Why? Because they rarely get a call from anyone unless it’s a robo-call with a robo-voice. They know there was extra effort and time put in to call them. We make sure the call is conversational and warm. It brings back something that is quickly fading, yet more desired…personal contact with our customers who spend money with us.

Using the phone also puts dollars in my clients’ pockets every day. The first product I sold when I got into coaching repair shop owners – and still sell – is “The Complete No-Brainer Customer Follow-Up System.” A key element of the system…a personal follow-up call to everyone who spent money with you, no matter the amount!

Many who invest in the system skip the phone call. The system is not anywhere near as effective without that step. Other communication types are better than not at all, but it is much better when including all the steps. I have a client who bought the product way back in 2003 and tells me he still uses it today – and is still making money because of it. One of the reasons it works so well is the personal call is still appreciated and gets results.

These calls often result in fantastic testimonials and referrals. Clients are blown away by the fact that they received a personal call.

This repair shop marketing strategy has worked for repair shops with as little as 2 bays and as big as 21 bays, in small towns and big cities, shops that have been in business for a couple of years and shops that have been around for over 40 years.

If you’re not using your telephone, you’re missing out. Using the phone allows you to stand out from your competition. They won’t make the investment in time and/or money to do what you are willing to do.

Add the phone to your repair shop marketing toolbox and turn it into more sales and a stronger relationship with your clients!

This is something that takes a little effort given what is going on around us and in the news media every day but working at it is worth it.

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