Too often I am encountering shop owners who quit collecting emails from their customers – Big Mistake!!

Contrary to What You May be Hearing…Email is Not Dead

It may not work well all by itself as a marketing media to deliver a high response rate but email is evolving. That doesn’t mean email is dead, especially if done properly.

We know there is no one media that is THE most effective when it comes to reaching the maximum number of customers. It’s now about using multi-media to get the kind of response rates you want from your marketing.

Big Mistake #2 is relying on email as your ONLY way of marketing to your clients. It may seem as though it is dead. We see shops rely heavily on email due to the low cost of using email. Whether you like it or not, you must invest in marketing to grow your shop.

We’re finding the most success when using email to support marketing via other media. For example, when we send a mail piece, we send an email as a follow-up. The email should reference the direct mail piece, even encouraging them to go back and check the mail.

We have found response rates with the marketing campaigns we deliver to shops (as part of the marketing we do for them) to be as much as double what they are without any or little email follow-up.

What most marketing companies aren’t telling you is there are a number of important elements needed to increase response rates.

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In printed mail, the first challenge is to get it opened. With email, the first challenge is to get it opened. Countless emails are deleted based solely on the subject line or the “from” part of the email. Like printed mail needing a good headline, email MUST have a great subject line or it’s DOA.

The subject lines that work best will contain a curiosity factor, enough so that they will have to at least open it to find out more. A subject line that appeals to their emotions will also be more effective than a generic subject line. Like printed mail, you only have a couple of seconds to get their attention and keep them reading.

If you want a response, give as many ways to respond as possible. You should NOT have the expectation that since it was presented to them online that online is the only way they want to respond. Giving them a number to call or text or email to respond is ideal.

A short deadline (about 3 weeks) is even more important with email as it is with printed mail! Emails disappear faster than a printed piece.

One and done emails are rarely effective. A multi-step, multi-media campaign will increase response exponentially.

Using a printed mail piece to support your emails and vice versa will increase response to your email campaign. People still like to touch and feel. Often the printed piece can take them from maybe to YES.

About buying an email list

Using email to a cold list as you would a customer email list will be disastrous. I would not recommend buying a cold email list and implementing a campaign to it. Most consumers dislike getting emails from someone they do not have some type of a relationship, especially a solicitation email. Your emails can  quickly get tagged as spam, resulting in damage to your standing with whomever you use to deliver the emails. That’s my take and know that I’m not an email expert nor do I play one on T.V. If you’re considering a campaign to a cold email list consult an expert before you buy the list!!!

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