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“I love the Straight Talkin’ Newsletter. I make copies of some of the articles for my employees to read,it’s that good.” — Mike Molitor, WI

One strategy you gave in the Straight Talkin’ newsletter brought in over $16,000.00 in sales. —Charlie S., CA.

After getting just a couple of issues of the Straight Talkin’© Newsletter, here’s what one repair shop owner had to say:”The missing link that shop owners need…”  Greg Palmier – Bellevue, NE

“Dan, just wanted to send you a message to let you know how good the February Straight Talkin’ newsletter was. I got a lot of very good info from it. The critical elements for an ad was good info since I was doing an ad at the time the newsletter came in.” —Mike McGroarty – Northfield, OH

I introduced this newsletter exclusively for Repair Shop Owners 6 years ago and shop
owners are loving it. This is a money making, information packed resource written just for shop owners.

I’m known for telling it like it is; hence the name Straight Talkin’. This newsletterwill be nothing like what you’re used to seeing. It is filled with valuable information about all aspects of owning and operating a successful, profitable repair shop!

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