Are You Making This Mistake Trying to Find a Tech?

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity… “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

That’s what many shop owners are doing when it comes to trying to find a tech, many going months, some years with no results.

Auto Techs Aren’t Looking in the Help Wanted Ads

Recent interviews with high level auto technicians revealed most are NOT checking help wanted sites when they’re considering a move to a different shop. With there being so few techs, all the good techs are already working, meaning you have to find a way to reach them and get them to come and work for you. Most are NOT scouring the help wanted ads.disappointed man

Most shop owners are NOT looking in all the right places to find top-level techs! Why? Most are frustrated as hell, trying to figure it out. Let’s admit it’s NOT like it was just a few years ago! Here’s an admission from a shop owner who had been looking for a while — “I gave up running ads and have not run any for three or four months. I never had any luck with Zip recruiter. I used to have the best luck with Indeed but that dried up about a couple years ago. I was running ads on Craigslist nonstop but never get any responses, so I quit that a few months ago.”

You can NOT continue to address the issue of finding a tech like you always have. IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. It’s important to keep in mind, there are many shops looking for quality techs.

Something else to keep in mind, top-notch auto techs will also be interviewing YOU. Remember what I said earlier – they have choices, usually lots of them. They are not just interviewing to see what the pay rate is, they WILL get a good buck. They are looking at the other aspects of your shop. They may not interview personally; they have other ways of checking out you & your shop.

Change Your Approach, Change Your Results

Finding a quality tech should be seen as a marketing challenge, which is one reason why we’ve had success helping our shop owners find techs.

This is why I developed the Technician Help Wanted Advertising Kits for Shop Owners.

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working… it’s time to try a different approach. What do you have to lose? Our Tech Help Wanted Kit uses a different approach unlike anything out there.

Shops are losing thousands of dollars every day they are short a tech, yet many keep doing using the same old thing.

Why stay frustrated?

How We Can Help You Find The Right Tech

The Tech Help Wanted Advertising Kit comes complete with unique and well written ads for multi-media use, strategies and resources for finding quality techs even when nobody is answering your ads. We’ll even implement the marketing for you, if you want us to!!!

STOP struggling to find techs by posting job descriptions – Today’s challenge finding technicians should be addressed as a marketing challenge.

The Technician Help Wanted Kit contains unique ads and strategies, customized for your shop, to help you get responses using multi-media. Ads that are print ready and meant for digital use.

You can get more info and order at