Just some of what will be covered during this 4-week online training:

  • What Every Service Advisor Needs To Know — The best-kept secrets of every Great Service Advisor
  • Consultant versus Salesperson
  • Marketing – Understand the basics — It works best if your advisor is included.
  • Client Retention Metrics (CRM) – Little Hinges move Big Doors
  • “Creating” Lasting Client Loyalty – Separate your shop from the pack – 1% increase in retention adds 7% to profit
  • Answering the Telephone – Can be the Life or Death of your business
  • Preparing a Good Repair Order – Ask the right questions and LISTEN
  • Repair Order Documentation
  • Selling the Repair – Must be able to sell to be successful
  • Selling to today’s consumerWhat they want & respond to!
  • Finalizing the Repair Order – 12 points to review
  • Delivering the Vehicle – Very Important Part of the Process
  • Technician Productivity – How can the SA help? — STOP the bleeding of lost profits
  • Selling Maintenance Services
  • Critical…Follow–up to avoid the one and done!
  • Avoiding missed opportunities
  • Membership sales – Adding $money to your bottom line!
  • A follow-up group coaching call with attendees after they’ve been back, including Q & A Session
  • A follow-up group call with shop owners
  • A ninja strategy to add 7-20% in sales with NO additional marketing or cost!
  • And…

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