Choices, choices, choices…

We know for a fact that if you give people too many choices when it comes to responding to an ad, the most common way for them to respond is to do nothing.

By that, I mean they put it off and don’t come back to it or they just flat out do nothing! No customer visit for you, NO money out of their wallet to your bank account. Today’s consumers are easily overwhelmed and too many choices only make them feel overwhelmed.

I’ve heard this comment from consumers time and time again. It looks like everything’s on sale, when they see an ad that has 4, 5 and even 6 or more coupons/specials on it.

Some of the shop owners making this mistake will also complain,

“Tthis marketing stuff doesn’t work because you guys always want us to give everything away.”

One reason shop owners make the mistake of offering too many choices is because they don’t know it hurts response and some ad rep (who is really just a sales person for ad services) has told them that it works.

Another reason is that they don’t know what to advertise or when to advertise, so they advertise a bunch of ‘stuff’ hoping they get lucky and that at least one of the things in the ad will appeal to everyone!

This is what is most appealing to shop owners who invest in the Fast Shop Start Car Count program.

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We all know that you have to catch the consumer at the right time for certain services. The easy ones are air conditioning and cooling system. It used to be much easier; we could pretty much predict certain things would sell at certain times of the year. The lines are blurred now.

This makes your job much tougher, thus the response of let’s advertise ‘everything’ or a lot of different things and hope that at least one of those things will work for a few.

Statistics show, in reality too many choices hurts response! This isn’t theory it is fact.

What should you do?

Your shotgun or cold list ad should have one, two or three specials/coupons and no more. The rest of the space should be taken up convincing them that your shop is the right place for them to bring their vehicle. Based on consumer survey responses here are the top things most important to them. Warranty. Convenience. Trust and how they can pay. These aren’t the only things but the most important!

Isn’t that what your ad should be about? What your prospect wants, what THEY’RE looking for??? It doesn’t matter that you think your ASE certification is a big deal if they don’t even know what that means for them!

Prospective customers care about how long you’ve been in business, it shows stability, helps them to trust you. They care about ‘family owned & operated’ overall people feel more comfortable dealing that type of a shop as opposed to a chain or box store. These are all trust issues!

It is more comforting to them if they know that someone else had something good to say about your shop other than you. That’s why quality reviews with real names are so important!

Resist the urge to put ‘everything on special/sale’ and focus on a really great offer or two, three at the most and use the rest of the ad making your case of why they should pick your shop versus your many competitors.

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